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Benedict cumberbatch marries two friends as he Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses officiates at gay wedding in ibiza He played many parts in his career from super sleuth sherlock holmes to a star trek villain but benedict cumberbatch found himself in an altogether different leading role over the weekend. The actor served as the officiant for the wedding of two friends in Prom Dresses UK ibiza. Just before packing his bags, benedict told vulture of his wedding gig:'Of course I going to make a joke after it if it goes well"I do weddings.Next will be children parties and bat mitzvahs. " Dressed in a dapper black suit and open necked shirt the star was pictured reading from his notes as he presided over the ceremony of his friends http://www.jb3.co.uk/cocktail-dress.html seth cummings and rob ridner. The stunning location of the hacienda hotel saw the happy couple exchange their vows against a backdrop of cliffs as the sun blazed down. The actor beamed For the snap alongside bikiniclad model katia elizarova, entrepreneur Ivan massow, one of the grooms rob and fashion designer ben de lisi, Who was modelling a very deep tan. According to rumours, benedict and gorgeous russian katia, 26 are getting close with now magazine reporting that the pair were spotted kissing and cosying up on a sun lounger after the nuptials. Cumberbatch and elizarova were first linked last year after being spotted out together. However, cumberbatch denied the rumours at the http://www.jb3.co.uk/wedding-party-dress/mother-of-the-bride-dresses.html time, telling the daily telegraph that the two are 'just old friends'. Celebrating:The star found out his latest emmy nomination, for drama parade's end, just before jetting to ibiza It was a weekend of celebrations for benedict after his arrival in ibiza on friday, which happened to be his 37th birthday.The star had just discovered he had been nominated for an emmy for his part in bbc drama parade end, his second nod following recognition in 2012 for his lead role in sherlock. The actor joked that the ibiza bash would be a double celebration telling vulture: Friend doesn even know this.I been so busy trying to get luggage from one airport to another, i haven even gotten around to telling him.I managed to tell my mum and dad, who are over the moon.His portrayal has already set tongues wagging thanks to the critical response from the man himself, and is set for release this october.

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